C.M. de la Vega is a filmmaker originally from Miami, Florida. He has over a decade of experience in Film/TV production, cinematography, editing, motion graphics and visual effects.
He has a passion for teaching and inspiring people through art and video. He recently launched The School of Motion Graphics, a video tutorial channel on YouTube teaching fellow artists his motion graphics techniques and skills.
C.M. has also worked as creator, co-writer and producer on several projects including the TV sitcom pilot "Wassup en LA?". The sitcom follows the daily life of a Hispanic family that moves from Miami to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams in Hollywood. The project included a multi-ethnic cast with the likes of comedian Paul Rodriguez.
C.M. has worked for numerous clients and projects, most notably ESPN's 30 for 30, NFL Network, Telemundo, Fox Sports, and the Discovery Channel. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife Jessica. 
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